West Suburban Celebrates International Women’s Day

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Pictured (L-R) Maria Suvacarov, MSN, FNP, NE-BC, Chief Nursing Officer; and Ventsislava
(Vennie) Christoff, MBA, PCPC, CJCP, CHCQM, Chief Quality Officer.

Today marks the annual global celebration of International Women’s Day, and West Suburban Medical Center is proud to recognize the amazing contributions of its large majority of staff members who are women.

“It’s no secret that the healthcare industry, and hospitals in particular, rely on the incredible dedication of women who care for our patients,” said Barbara Martin, CEO of West Suburban Medical Center. “We know that roughly 90 percent of nurses alone are women. When you combine that with the high percentage of women who fulfill all of the other critical positions in patient care and support services, you can see that hospitals could not function without so many highly skilled and dedicated women.”

While this day has received more attention in the United States in recent years, it has long been a major holiday throughout Europe and elsewhere around the world. Among the many women employed at West Suburban with international roots are two members of the health system’s executive team who both have fond memories of the holiday in their native lands.

Maria Suvacarov, MSN, is Chief Nursing Officer at West Suburban and lived in North Macedonia until the age of 19 before emigrating the U.S. with her family.

“Everyone would bring flowers or chocolate to their teachers in school,” she said. “In the United States, we do have Mother’s Day, but not every woman is a mother. Women’s Day is just a really nice way to recognize women and their many contributions.”

Ventsislava (Vennie) Christoff, MBA, is West Suburban’s Chief Quality Officer and was raised just east of Macedonia in Sophia, Bulgaria. She echoed the same sentiments about the impact of International Women’s Day.

“It’s a big celebration where I come from, definitely one of the biggest holidays of the year,” she said. “It gives people a chance to recognize the multiple roles that women can carry,
not only professionally but as part of the family and throughout society.”

--March 8, 2022

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